Save or Splurge?

Hey Daintys,

Today's a makeup day, a day to speak about the cost of the biggest bank killer of mine.... Makeup. So instead of listing endless amounts of products for you to look at I am going to give you a generalisation of products I'd save on and Products I would splurge on.

For years I never considered budgeting when it came to makeup I would just spend, spend, spend and lets face it that's not the way to go.  There are many products in which I stick by, my holy grails and others I am still looking for 'The One' but I am a mix of High-end and Drugstore Makeup.

Splurge Products: 
Eyeshadow-  In my eyes you often pay for what you get, Eyeshadows are the bain of my existance and I often can not pass up on a good palette. However over the years despite my love for the cheap palettes I have learnt that the longevity and pigmentation of high end palettes can't go unnoticed. Despite this my love for drugstore such as Makeup Revolution will always stick but I know that my Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Mac Palettes and shadows potentially can not be beaten.

Lip Balm- Personally I suffer with dry lips,often and this has lead me to the endless layers of Chapstick, Eos, and Maybelline's Baby Lips, but they just do not seem to work, the initial concept of moisturised lips is there however that doesn't last and often needs topping up every hour. I've found that I need thicker formulas like Nuxe Reve de Miel work well and even homemade recipes which you can source online.

Foundation-  This is a mixed opinion as I feel you do pay for what you get, I once tried a £3 foundation from I believe MUA... Lets just say I won't do it again. However I have also used estee Lauder Doublewear and this also just isn't for me. For some splurging means nearly breaking the bank for others anywhere about £10 can be deemed a spurge. I currently have Revlon Colorstay foundation and I love it at £9.99 a bottle some say its cheap others say it's pricey this all depends on your budget. I do believe that cheap foundation is never an option never below £5 as it will never be a true colour match, it may not blend well and the longevity will be far from what you are wishing for.

Highlighters- SPLURGE SPLURGE SPLURGE, I love highlighters and I love my Mac Soft and Gentle and yes its one of the only high-end ones but it was worth the splurge. However I can vouch for the drugstore highlighters to. So if you really cannot splurge then Mua and Makeup Revolution or Sleek are to die for in the drugstore world and I often swear by mine.

Save Products: 

Blush- It is a rare occasion I use blush and I believe I may have 2/3 higher-end blushes and maybe 10/15 Drugstore blushes and I equally love them, this may be just personal to me as I don't use blush often. But despite that I have also found some amazing drugstore blushes such as soap and glory, makeup revolution and Maybelline.

Mascara- I feel mascara is often down to the wand and it rarely comes down to the actual formula, I currently swear by Makeup revolution, The Viper and The Amazing Volume, I believe they are £2/£3 there are so many good drugstore formulas I have never really splurge on mascara.

Concealer- I use a basic conceal and correction palette I own one from mua, one from ebay and a couple others. I love the correction colours my holy grail is the green correction concealer it works wonders. I have never splurged on concealers I just use the ones given in correction palette and sometimes a maybelline age rewind, or the soap and glory concealer.

Brow Products- I have to say save however I do use Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow, I alternate this with the freedom dipbrow. I believe despite my over for my anastasia Dipbrow there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. One of my favourite saves is he Brow pencils from mua at £1!

Lipstick/Lipgloss- This for me is a Save however I do own high end lippies such as Mac, YSL, Olivia palermo, Urban decay, stila and nars and I love them all but I also own more cheap drugstore lippies that I love just as much. I would more say that lippies are a go and save for the most part but let yourself splurge sometimes.

Products that are down to you:
In terms of certain products I feel I can not say whether you should save or splurge, simply because it is down to you and how you feel about products.

Skincare- I feel that this is individual to every person, I believe that those who may have bad skin may spend more on high end skincare regimes whereas those who have more flawless skin do not. This is down to your skin type and preference.

Primer- Again I feel this is individual to each person as some people don't use primer others swear by it. It is down to your skin type and therefore save or splurge will vary person to person.

Bronzer- This is similar to blush and I would say you can save on this, however I also believe that not all use it and it's down to you, but if I did have to say any you can definitely save buy buying some amazing drugstore bronzers.

Overall, this list might not work for all and is adaptable to each individual these work for me but like i've said I don't splurge all of the time but if I want to there a certain products I do it for. I do buy both drugstore and higher-end products in all of these categories, but I do use it as a guideline when planning out my budget and if I can splurge or not.

I hope this has been an interesting read and hope it gives some guidance.
Thanks for reading, 
Much Love


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