Trying to turn the Negative to a Positive!

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Sadly I have to write this post but I feel its taking a negative an making a positive. Earlier this year my Uncle was murdered when he stepped in to try an save his friends. 
Words never ever sum up the pain the family have felt and that won't change and despite such awful circumstances the family are trying to make this better by trying to keep his work and legacy going.

So we are trying to raise some money to help the homeless just as Jason was doing.

Image result for jason kowalskiJason cared about people and when he was alive he went out of his way to give what he could to those who were having a bad time. He tragically lost his life when he was stabbed through the heart by a stranger. He died defending a friend on his own doorstep.
After Jason's death we found out he had been stockpiling supplies of sleeping bags and blankets for the coming winter. He had been handing out food, hot drinks and blankets to local homeless people for several winters without letting anyone know.

When he was a young man he had volunteered to work in Africa building an orphanage. 
In later life he suffered from a long term illness but he was always willing to help people in his community. After he died many older people attended his funeral and told us how he had helped them repair their homes and get their shopping when they were too ill. 
We all wanted to do something positive for Jay after he died and we thought raising some money to help local charities on his behalf would be a fitting tribute. 
Any contribution will be gratefully received to help others who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives who just need a little help to get through the winter.
We thank you on the behalf of Jay his family and friends and those who will be helped by your donation. 

Please if you can just give 10p it help that means alot!

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