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Hey Dainty’s,
 As you know I Am big on fashion and beauty but have left my blog a little neglected so I felt that you guys deserved more! I mean 14k+ views I have to give you all a little more love. So today's post is a little stereotypical but I’m going to try and keep it as a monthly thing…. OCTOBER Favourites. I’m going to give you a few things I’ve been loving this month.

1; Rose Gold Makeup Brushes:

#CheapSkate…. Yes I picked up some beautiful brushes from my beloved eBay a little while back and they arrived this month, I love them. They are so aesthetically pleasing I’ve barley used them… bad I know but they look so beautiful un-touched by the devil foundation and burgundy eyeshadows. However, despite me not overly using them, when I have used them they have been wonderful. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing they are super soft, they blend amazingly AND the hairs have not yet fallen out! #Crazy I know as usually the cheaper brushes from eBay have that tendency! Also not to mention, these look a lot like the Real Technique (RT) Bold Metals Collection… this might have been something you noticed first off and yes they are very much like them just without the logo, and the whole set is Rose Gold with pink and white bristles.
I also must note that these came in two sets I bought the 7 Piece set and the 6 piece set separate as it worked out cheaper than if you bought the 12 piece set + you got an extra brush #Bonus ;)

Price: 7 Piece Brush Set; £4.94+ £0.10 postage | 6 Piece Brush Set; £1.75 + £0.69 Postage- Total Cost £7.48
Rating; 9/10; Reason for rating, These brushes are lush and I love them like you have read above however despite them being able to blend great in terms of the foundation brush the bristle are little too soft. Overall they are a dream and additionally look super classy on your dressing table.

2; 12 Piece Kabuki Style Brushes (Pink); 
#DoubleCheapSkate…. Yes I picked up some more beautiful brushes from my beloved eBay and they sit perfectly with my Rose Gold Brushes; These wonderful things are super soft and are very similar to some I picked up a long time ago seen here; these brushes are like my Holy Grail eyeshadow brushes especially if you are on a budget, these are long lasting, cheap and work wonders. Again like my Rose Gold ones I ordered this a little while ago and they arrived this month, they are super pretty/cute and they fit perfectly with the Rose Gold Brushes. I won’t go in to these too much as they are basically the same as these other brushes here; but with a couple additional and in pink rather than black. In terms of price you cannot pass it up!
Price: 12 Piece Brush Set; £3.35 + Free Postage!
Rating; 10/10; Reason for rating, These brushes are my holy grail and despite them being super cheap I can not recommend them enough, I know they are not for everyone but I love mine and use them on a daily basis. Overall they are effective and additionally look super cute on your dressing table.

3; Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Combination/Oily);
I picked up the Revlon Colorstay Foundation a while back now and I have been using it for a fair few months, at first I loved it and used it daily then over the last month I have had to start blending it with either my L’Oreal True Match Foundation or my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. I have found that my skin tone has darkened and the foundation doesn’t seem to be giving me as much coverage however when combined with either of the two above I love it, it’s not flawless but does the job.  I have found that it can look a little dewy and therefor I tend to place powder in most places on my face with it, I think it’s a pretty good foundation and I will probably use it for a while longer, However I have yet to find my flawless foundation… If you guys fancy dropping me some recommendations that would be fab!
Price: £12.99 From Superdrug; However I always try to pick it up on 3 for 2 and keep a bottle or two stored.
Rating; 8/10; Reason for rating, Despite being my daily foundation I don’t feel its worthy of a 10 and it doesn’t really last all day it can last several hours but not all day. I also feel it works better mixed and therefore isn’t a great stand-alone product.

4;  Kiko Water Shadows (208 & 229);
These are wonderful. I’m pretty sure you might have heard about this after the hype for the shade 208 the Light Gold; This was a big hype to use as a gold highlighter and by gosh is it beautiful. I managed to bag mine for £3.50 rather than £8.90 in a bulk order with a group of makeup junkies on Facebook, a lovely lady had a pro account + they was a discount for members on top of them already being discounted. I then was recently in a Kiko store in which I bagged myself some super amazing bargains but best of all; I picked up shade 229 Pearly Gray in the Water Shadow and by lord is it beautiful! These Shadows are super super super pigmented yes I mean really! They can be used white or dry and are like real gold and real silver in a little compact. I cannot recommend these anymore and I’m sure others are raving about these to! I am already eyeing up some of the other shades on the site!
Price: Normal Price £8.90| What I Paid: Light Gold £3.50| Pearly Gray £5.90
Rating; 10*/10; Reason for rating, Yes 10* Like getting and A* in School or College they are lush and worth every penny. I use these a lot and they are raised so there is plenty of products in these compacts and not only that they come in a cute and sleek black compact. They are defiantly a must have and they are one of my all-time favourite shadows.

5; Makeup Obsession; Make your own pallet;
I think these are super clever and pretty nifty buys, I currently own 5 of their clip in products and the 12 Piece Rose Gold Palette. If you haven’t heard of this yet it’s a brand which was recently launched BHS but after that crashed they seemingly are now stocked in Boots. This Make your own Palette consists of Eyeshadows, Blushers, Contour and Strobing Creams… The Strobing Creams are lush! I am in love with the shade and use it all of the time I am going to have to buy some back-ups. This allows you to create your own palette consisting of shades you like the most and they have a nice range to,
each one comes in its own little compact meaning you can carry them as individuals or pop them in a palette. This also allows you to swap the palette out and have just one palette but an array of compacts to choose from, this means you can create whatever palette you want using one palette! Travel makeup made easy! These allow you to swatch instore with testers of each shade which is super handy and they have different sized palettes, I have my eye on a fair few and I can’t wait to pick them up.
Price: Palettes range from £4-£8 | Eyeshadows; £2|Blushers; £3 | Highlighters; £3| Strobe
Cream; £3
Rating; 9/10; Reason for rating these are super affordable in the sense of the products, but if you was to fill palettes a lot it could be a little pricey. However I love the products I have picked up and I adore the Strobe cream its super holographic and works so well, long lasting and super pigmented.

So that’s all for my October Favourites, I think Next month I might throw in some fashion pieces or at least one as this month has been very makeup orientated! I hope you liked this months favourites and I will try to keep it up! If you do try any of these products let me know what you think or if you have an October favourite you think I should try also let me know!

 Thanks for reading! 
Much Love


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