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Hey Dainty’s,

I am back! With this month’s Favourites, yup! I am on the second one I haven’t let you guys down... yet. November I one month I love, the autumn leaves are crisp on the ground, the chills coming in, hot chocolate is a daily occurrence and Christmas isn’t far behind. This month is a bit more mixed with a couple of beauty items and few other pieces, so I hope you like it! 

1; Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara & Opening Act Primer;

I love this mascara it is becoming my new thing! I don’t think I’ve had my lashes this long from just one primer and one mascara. This mascara doesn’t clump or make the lashes feel heavy. Its classed as a 4 in 1 Mascara; Lengthening, Curling, Volumizing and Conditioning. This mascara is infused with olive esters to help treat condition and protect the lashes. It comes in a super sleek Packaging like purple snake skin which is an additional bonus. This has been dermatologist tested it is Vegan friendly and it has been clinically proven to increase the volume by 330%.  I often get compliments on how long my lashes look when wearing this and well that the goal I suppose. However I cannot just keep raving about the mascara as the primer helps just as much it’s a smooth white formula which sits nicely on the lashes, it doesn’t clump and allows you to put the mascara on with ease, it separates the lashes and ensures the lashes are fully covered as the white ensures you cover your full lashes.
Price: I purchased the Full Sized Primer and Mascaras for £1! In a magazine offer however they are normally priced at £17 each.
Rating; 9/10; Reason for rating, This duo is my current favourite and I’m not sure what I will do when I finish It as I’ve never paid much for my mascaras but this one could be the exception.  I think this is definitely a brilliant mascara and would definitely recommend it.

2; Makeup Revolutions Rose Gold Lipsticks;
YES I am obsessed with Rose Gold as you may see as a reoccurring theme of items that pop up on my blog, such as last month’s favourites with the Rose Gold Brushes, this month its lipsticks. However I’m not talking a lipstick in rose gold, I am talking the Rose Gold Encased Lipsticks by Makeup Revolution. These are so aesthetically pleasing to have as a collection and look lush on display. I currently have 7; 5 of which you may have seen a little while back here; These were the original collection and are in a more shiny casing, however since then Makeup Revolution have brought out a further Rose Gold Collection which have Matte Casing known as the Iconic Matte Nude Revolution; I have only picked up 2 of these but I love them, They glide on nicely. I wouldn’t say they are super long lasting and aren’t that durable against food and drink, however for £3 you cannot go wrong. I believe that there are 5 in both of the collections. The Shiny Cased ones consist of holy grail colours; Red, Pink, Nude, Purple.  The Second Matte Collection is a Nude Collection.

Price:  Rose Gold Lipstick Collection £3 Each|  Iconic Matte Nude Revolution Collection £3 Each
Rating; 7/10; Reason for rating,  Lipsticks are great and super affordable, they are easier to use and last a few hours, the colours are wearable and I believe there is a shade for everyone.

3;  Ted Baker Pink Body Spray
I picked this mini Ted Baker Body Spray when on a little shop with the boyfriend, as I managed to talk him into buying me the Ted Baker Treasure Trove to put away for my birthday, I saw the body sprays that I was going to pick up a little while back. I decided just to pick up one of the minis to give it a go, and it’s one of my favourite scents just to pop in my handbag when I am on the go, the scent is Grapefruit, Mandarin and mango blended with Neroil and Jasmine combined with the base of Patchouli, sandalwood and musk. Sound like a huge array of scents but they all infuse into a lovely floral light scent. The packaging is super cute and looks classy, the bottle looks like a gemstone shape of a translucent pink shade. I am yet to pick up the other two scents but when I do I will let you know, this one is more long lasting than these;
Price: £3.50 From Boots for the minis | £7.00 for the Full sized
Rating; 9/10; Reason for rating, love the packaging, scent and the nifty size of the mini. I have other favourite scents in perfumes which is why I am giving this a 9 rather than a 10, however I highly recommend this and would say its perfect for everyday and/or travel.

4;  Happy Adults by Kathy Glass;
Recently I have been on the path to being more positive and working on my personal development, this amongst a few other books I have purchased is the first I have started reading, I am yet to finish it but I have a few days before the end of this month. I have found so far this book has been an eye opener and with so much of the content relatable I have allowed myself to absorb it and really take it all in. I have purchased a few books which I feel a few might Feature next month in my favourites or maybe a personal development post… Don’t worry I’m not going to become some kind of preacher. I don’t really have much to write in the sense I don’t wish to rewrite the book to you, but this book Is great and helps to set you on the right track to having a more positive mind set.
Price: Normal Price £8.90| What I Paid: My mum actual had this tooked away on a book shelf of 100s of books and it was one recommend to me which meant my bank didn’t hurt ;)
Rating; 9/10; Reason for rating, I am really enjoying the book and although I haven’t finished it yet I have learnt a lot already, I  have placed it as a 9/10 as I still have to finish it and I still have high hopes for other books which I  don’t feel are on the same level.

5; Soul Cal Ugg Boots;
Yup. That’s right I’m talking Ugg boots the snug boots to keep my tooties warm. After owning genuine Ugg Australia boots and Emu Boots I decided the cost was not effective and decided on a similar let much much cheaper pair by Soul Cal. For a long time I have been looking for the gorgeous Uggs with the laced up ribbons at the back and when I found them the price was ridiculous  or they was sold out and therefor I lost my hope. However earlier this month I was in Sports Direct, yes. Sports Direct and I spotted these beauties. I found a black and a caramel coloured pair, however me being me knew Black was what goes with everything and well caramel gets dirty quick.  They have real leather tops and furry insides. I managed to find these in my size on sale, I was over the moon and now they are my go to uggs. I don’t even care if people stereotype me as a ‘chav’ when I wear them with thick leggings and an oversized jumper. #comfort if I’m comfy I don’t care, that’s my motto.
Price: Normal Price £44| What I Paid:£22
Rating; 10/10; Reason for rating: Since I have been searching for these for so long I was super happy with these and for such a great price I can only give a 10/10, however I will see how long these last/ wear and I may put a little update here in a few months time.

So that’s all for my November Favourites, I think Next month might be a little longer Than 5 Items since Its my Birthday on the 1st and then its Christmas!!!! I hope you liked this month’s favourites and as I said I will try to keep it up! If you do try any of these products let me know what you think or if you have any favourites you think I should try also let me know!

 Thanks for reading! 
Much Love


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