Shopping Spree!!!!! #BlowingtheBank #Haul HUGE HUGE HAUL A& HUGE HUGE REVIEW!

Hey Dainty’s,
I have done nothing but shop shop shop and I have burnt craters in my bank account.  So today's post is a Haul in which will be filled with mainly makeup… not that I needed anymore but hey a girl needs her lipstick or a dozen.
So first up I had a complete mac craze and went out and bought 6 Lipsticks, yes I know bad… I managed to pick up the following shades:

-Smoked Purple
-On and On
-Men Love Mystery
-Viva Glam IV
-All I Want

I am in love with these shades, I was over the moon when I managed to get these at a lower price + and extra 20% these at the York Designer Outlet.  I found despite the stock of MAC not being as big due to it being an outlet I was happy with what I found. I was expecting to find maybe one or two shades. In all honesty I like how the fact that there was an array of shades but less than on a MAC stand made me notice shades better, where as in MAC stores I always feel as if I’m looking at way to many similar shades and it stresses me out that I can’t find ‘the one’. Anyways firstly I picked up 5 from the Outlet and one from Harvey Nichols in Leeds.
Without Flash
First up Smoked Purple: This is a deep purple, I would even say a dark reddened purple.  I find it similar to my ‘Rebel’ but a bit deeper. I suppose it’s a vamp shade. When first using this shade I found it more drying than some of the other MAC lipsticks I own, however it is a Matte so if you have dry lips I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t exfoliate or prep the lips. This is part of MACs permanent lip collection , so I’m sure you will be able to pick this one up.
Next up is On and On. I FRIGGIN ADORE THIS SHADE! And despite not having it long I have worn it a couple of times and have always had compliments on it! My mum loved it to so I’ve bought her it for Christmas! This shade is another purple, it looks dark but when applied it isn’t that dark.  This lipstick is a Frost and has duo chrome sparkles in it which shift from green-golf to bluish teal. Despite my love for this lipstick, I would say you need a base and need to layer the lipstick to give the full effect.
Following this is Men Love Mystery, this is another purple but not like the above two. This lipstick is another Matte and is described as a “Lavender Violet” it has a matte finish. I think this is quite a bright shade and acts like a great pop of colour. I found that it works with a dark lip liner such as MAC Beet or Primark’s Wine or Primark’s D Purple. On the other hand this would also probably work with a bright liner, but I personally feel it pops more with a dark liner and if you blend the liner into the lipstick it creates an ombre effect. If you like colour I would most definitely pick this shade up.
With Flash
Next is Viva Glam IV this is a  shade which can create a killer going out look or a basic day to day look. It’s a lovely Frost shade of is a mid-tone rose with a gold pearl effect. This lipstick is a frost, it looks amazing when in the light however since it’s a frost it can feel a little drying. I think this shade is a create holy grail to go in the collection or even if you’re just starting out with lipsticks I think this could be a great starter shade, it’s not overly bold but not too dull.
Moving on to Taupe, I think the hints in the name with this shade, I think this is another Matte shade which has jumped into a lot of collections, I have a small section of nudes from MAC and this is one of them. I would say this is a reddish Brown (Taupe) it’s a lovely shade and works amazingly with a lip liner, such as Boldy Bare, Soar or Spice. This Lippy is a Matte and I love it, I currently own Velvet Teddy, Mehr and Spirit Although at first sight of the lipsticks they look similar, but when they are on, they all look different.  Looking for a more brick nude get Taupe.
Finally is All I Want, this is lush. I love the sheer look but filled with pearlescent tones which look amazing in the sun light. I believe this is a lippy inspired by Mariah Carey (2015) but either way I love it. This is of a sheer champagne tone and can look really sheer on some lips, however this is super buildable and it doesn’t get tacky or sticky when layered. This lippy can be used on its own and it will look fabulous, or even layered on top of a nude liner to make a bolder look, or even on a deep purple to create a pearlescent purple. This shade can be played with in so many ways which makes it worthy of being in your collection. I however don’t believe you can pick this shade up anymore unless you’re at an outlet but don’t quote me on this.

(Swatch Order: Viva Glam IV, All I Want, Men Love Mystery, Smoked Purple, On and On, Taupe.)
So that’s the bunch of Lippies which I bought, however I also picked up a MAC Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish… THIS IS THE BOMB.COM like forreal this sh*t shimmers and shines like a Rainbow pooping unicorn.
 When I was in the outlet I decided to swatch a couple of the eye shadows and glosses as I don’t own any of them and I first picked up the White -Yinfrom their Brooke Candy range this was lush but although the two shades are ultimately very similar this one in ‘Pearl Varnish’ just shone! I must state however despite how amazing it is and how lush it looks, I don’t think it dries or sets, it sort of stays sticky. This could be the reasoning for it lasting so long; it lasted from 4pm- 3am the next morning! Yes I know, amazing. I think that this made up for it not drying at first it bugged me but I soon got over it.
So moving on from MAC a few weeks ago I picked up these lovely treasures from TKMax; “Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner” and Two faced Melted Liquid Lipstick.”
First up the Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner, this bad boy was a steal at £4.99/£5.99 I picked it up in the shade “   “However they also had a Teal/Aqua Shade available and Silver, which I was going to buy but my bank said no…  This liner is like a creamy pencil and I would say is quiet thick, it comes with a smudge stick on the end to create a Smokey eye look. I like the eyeliner but I feel it is quiet thick which makes it quite difficult to use. They quality is lovely and is great when swatched however I don’t feel I will use it that often due to its thickness.

Next is the Two face Melted Liquid lipstick in Melted Frosting again for a similar price of £5.99 I think this was a steal, I have used this with a lip brush as I believe I am going to pass it over to a friend, just as it’s not my shade and I don’t feel I will wear it that much. However this is a nice lipstick, pigmented and thick, but I feel it could be quiet tacky/sticky to some so if you don’t like that I wouldn’t recommend it.
Also from TKMax I picked up this Make Up Forever Eyeshadow/Cream stick in the shade Aqua Matic, I love this shade and it blends out nicely it pairs great with the Anastasia Beverly Hills; Modern Renaissance Palette.  As well as this I picked up a Christian Brenton lipstick in the shade 'Red XL' it’s a beautiful cream red which looks amazing, the pigmentation is beyond belief and its long lasting (when you don’t drink) This lasts a long time but rubs of when you eat/drink so it best fitting for nights out (drink via a straw) rather than a dinner date.
Exposed Left, Inspiration Right.
I then headed to Superdrug and picked up a couple more bits;  from Makeup Revolution; Two of their Rose Gold Matte Nude Lipsticks in the shades Expose and Inspiration and their Strobe Highlighter in the shade Flash
The Rose Gold Lipsticks are similar to the first collection they brought out  but these have matte packaging and are of their new Nude collection which consists of I believe 5 nude lipsticks. I am a lover of the nude tones and when I saw them I just had to pick them up, they’re a little steal at £3 but since I have student discount it makes them a little cheaper. 
Next the Strobe Highlighter, this is a lovely pink tone which is not subtle but not over dramatic it works perfect with a light dusting for every day. It can be made more dramatic by being layered.
I then also picked up some MUA lip liners, and the MUA Velvet colour enhance lacquer. I love MUAs £1 lip liners, they are super cheap and work well, they aren’t super long lasting but for £1 you can’t complain. I picked up the shades Brooding Plum and pink me up. As for the Velvet Colour Enhance Lacquer, I got this to go with my collection of MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers, this however works but is super super drying and also can live white marks around the lips, which looks like toothpaste… not exactly the ideal look. I wouldn’t recommend this product despite it working in the sense most colour last longer and are a bit brighter but I believe you can find better bases.Another bundle of stuff I picked up a little while back are things you may have seen in my November and October favourites; Ted Baker Body spray, Stila Angel Light Makeup Spongers, Makeup revolutions vivid baked blush and makeup obsessions strobe cream: read more about these here)
I can’t believe how long this is already…. But there’s more :O
I hit Leeds for Black Friday, completely unintentional as we had booked the trip simply to attend Jess Glynne oh how my bank account resents me right now.
These few bits are less of a review more of a list of a few pieces I picked up;

No automatic alt text available.Firstly I picked up my Jess Glynne ‘Take Me Home’ tee from the concert… who goes to a concert and doesn’t buy a Tee?? Then on Black Friday I picked up the latest ‘Girl Online; Going Solo’ Book by Zoella, A new night shirt from Ann Summers which was like 30% off + 20% off on top of that its super comfy and silky soft. I then picked up my River Island Purse which wasn’t on sale but I fell in love with it and knew it would lovely with my bag. Then for just £27 I picked up a new Ted Baker Bag in a Parma violet shade. 
So that it folks… A Huge Haul, not to mention the 13+ t-shirts I’ve bought in the last two months… and the new body suit, jeans and jumpers. #Killer
I hope you liked this lengthy post and I hope you find something here to your liking, if not stay tuned and let me know whats you're favourite thing was out of this post. 
Much Love

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