Happy New Year! #Goals

Happy New Year! #Goals
Hey Daintys,
So it’s that time again! The start of the New Year! 2016 has been one heck of a year with fashion shows, new jobs and other big plans, a year to be loved & a year to remember but I can’t help but think it’s flown by pretty quickly.
This year I am ready to take it on at full force and yes its sound ‘shitty and cheesy’ but I have set some plans and goals and I am ready to kick 2017 up the arse. So todays post is about the future, a less structured post; with more of a personal reflection rather than anything else.

As the saying goes ‘Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.’  I intend to achieve things I felt in 2016 I couldn’t. I am ready to move forward and grow.

My weapon of mass destruction this year is my diary which I will be using to keep organised; I am going to try to schedule and plan… This isn’t exactly my fortay.
2017 Goals; 

-Move House: I never thought I’d reach a place where moving out and Living in my own place was achievable but I am and I will. I am ready to push myself to the limits… Save my arse off. This might mean makeup doesn’t get to just jump into my basket L

-Blog Regularly : I hope to blog more than I did in 2016 which I believe I blogged a mere 50+ times which is pretty poor. I aim to blog more than last year and successfully expand and develop Miss Dainty K
-Vlog/ VideoI aim to start up my YouTube, which is something I have only just bucked up the courage to begin. With Two videos posted Dec 2016 just to kick start. I Think it’s time I stop caring about what other think or might say and focus on what I want to do.
Reach 25k+ on my blog: I am currently on 17.5k on my blog and I hope to push this further and reach 25k+ in 2017. I Believe I can do it and I know that as long as I keep going I will do it.
- Cut Down on Fatty Foods: Oh yes. I said it. I’m aiming for that stereotypical goal, this is something I’ve been trying to push for a little while but not quiet been able to achieve, but now I’ve slowly been changing my mind set and personally developing which I believe will help me achieve this goal.
- Expand my General Knowledge: I aim to learn something new each week; I hope to expand my knowledge and develop my skills in retaining information and learning new things about the world. #newpostideas? 
I know that it is common to create goals, some which are achievable others which are not. These goals we aspire to do but often lose faith, direction and/or belief. Many goals are achievable but people feel it’s too easy there is no need to pursue it, this is wrong. All goals big or small are worth pursuing.
I have a few tips which are in my '10 Steps to Loving Yourself' Post; these have helped me and pushed me into a mind-set which is allowing me to change and develop.
I didn’t want this post to be to lengthy and droning so I have decided to finish it on one of my favourite quotes:
Much Love 
Many happy returns to all my wonderful readers; I hope you have a fab new year!!!!
Comment your New Year Goals?


  1. Awww lovely goals - and I love your blog! I really want to expand my general knowledge too :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank You! I can't believe I have only just seen this comment 1year on! While writing my Reflections post!
      I hope you had a wonderful 2017! x


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