Moving Checklist: #BuyingAHouse WHAT?!?

Hey Daintys,

So it's a new year. This year you might have seen I'm saving to move out! Crazy huh! I've been saving and buying miscellaneous pieces throughout the past few months which has been exciting, I have decided to do a few post about the move and maybe vlog at some point;
For the move  I have created a checklist;


Basic Furniture
•Kitchen table
•Rubbish bin
•Bread bin
•Paper towel holder
•Mug Tree ✔️
•Coffee, Sugar, Tea Pots

Cooking in the kitchen:
•Can opener
•Baking tray
•Chopping board
•Set of knives
•Ladle ✔️
•Measuring jug✔️
•Mixing bowls
•Oven gloves
•  Tea towels✔️
•A selection of pots and pans including a frying pan, a small pot and a colander
•An egg turner or spatula
•Vegetable peeler
•Bottle opener✔️
• Pizza Cutter✔️
•Wooden spoon✔️
•Condiment holders such as salt and pepper shakers, olive oil set, or a spice rack
• Egg Cups✔️

Eating and drinking:
•A selection of serving dishes
•A selection of bowls, including a large salad bowl, a fruit bowl and soup bowls
• spoons✔️
• Pint glasses✔️
•Tumbler Glasses✔️
•A selection of cups and mugs✔️
•A selection of plates✔️

Keeping the kitchen clean:
•Cleaning cloths ✔️
•sponges and scrubbers
• washing up liquid
• floor Cleaner
• window cleaning detergent •kitchen and bathroom cleaning sprays
•general disinfectant
•Sweeping brush✔️
•Dustpan and brush✔️
•Mop and bucket✔️
•Vacuum cleaner

Living room:
•A couch
•A coffee table
•Curtains, including curtain rod and curtains OR Blinds, including brackets at top of window
•Lamp, or floor lamp
•TV, including something to put it on such as a TV stand or small table
•CD storage
•DVD / VHS storage
•Optional paintings, photo frames, prints, plants, cushions, candles, ornaments to decorate


•Bedside table
•Bedside lamp
•Chest of drawers x2 ✔️
•Optional blanket box
•Bed sheets
•Duvet cover and pillowcases✔️
•Optional throw or cushions for your bed✔️
•Alarm clock
•Hangers for your clothes✔️
•Mirror – tip – a full length mirror is extra handy!

•Shower Curtain, including shower rings to hang it from
•Towels, including bath towels, hand towels and face cloth✔️
•Towel rack
•Bathroom mat✔️
• Toilet Mat✔️
•Toilet brush✔️
•Toilet roll holder, and toilet roll
•Soap dish✔️
• Soap Dispenser✔️
•Optional weighing scales

Miscellaneous must haves

•Plasters and bandages✔️
•Antibiotic ointment
•Small scissors and tweezers✔️
•Over-the-counter painkillers

Safety first
•Smoke alarm
•Carbon monoxide alarm – find out more about this here
•Property alarm
•Fire extinguisher
•Fire blanket

DIY and hardware

•Step ladder
•Plug Extension lead x2✔️
•Spare light bulbs
•Measuring tape✔️
•Selection of screwdrivers
•Selection of screws

•Washing machine, with optional dryer facility
•Clotheshorse for indoor drying
•Ironing board and cover
•Laundry basket

I have ticked the few things I have already picked up and will use the list to create updated posts throughout the move.

Sorry this is a short post and pretty brief but hopefully it helps someone.

Much Love,

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