Urban Decay: Alice in Wonderland;


I'm talking about one of the most wanted palettes by Urban Decay; The Alice Through the looking glass palette. This palette caused the Makeup Community to fall into a frenzy with those who had the palette flooding social media raving about its beauty; while those without were pleading for others to sell them their palettes.

The RRP was £43 which as a palette hoarder I found a pretty reasonable price for such a beautiful palette; when people realised that the palette was Limited Edition and the desperation for the palette became hard to miss people began listing them for £100+; where some listings even sold!

Me however, was a lucky one and managed to pick up 2 of these beauties; along with 3 of the lipsticks!
When the palette was first announced to be released I could not take my eyes of the packaging.
It's one of the most beautiful pieces I own. The kaleidoscope pattern features a blend of shades taken from the palettes eye shadow colours.

Not only is the outer packaging beautiful but the lid lifts up exposing the mirror which is embedded into the wacky clockwork pattern packaging; inscribed on the mirror is the iconic saying "We're all mad here."
On the opposite side is two flaps to open; on the front is “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours." the beautiful gold lettering ties in with the mirror and stands bold against the black; when you open the flaps; the blue butterfly from ' Alice through the looking Glass' opens its wings.
I adore the packaging, as a Disney fanatic as well as a makeup hoarder there is nothing this packaging doesn't do for me!
This palette comes with 20 shades and one of urban decays usual eye shadow brushes. Unlike most palettes this one comes with a drawer in which is where the eyeshadows are kept;
As you might have guest this little drawer is inscribed with another Alice quotation, in the delicate gold lettering: 'I know who I was when I got up this morning? But I must have changed several times since then.'
This pull drawer is filled with an array of shades; from neutral base tones to vibrant Brights;
The shadows themselves are gorgeous, they’re soft and slightly creamy; they apply with such ease and they are super buildable. I found the odd one or two took a little more than others to build on pigmentation but overall they are pigmented and are easily buildable.
I found the neutrals work great as base shadows layered with the Brights. Like most shadows you can use this wet or dry, I would recommend using a dry brush to pick the pigment up and then using a separate wet brush to build the shadow, don’t put a wet brush straight onto these shadows as I would think this would cause the top layer to set hard which ruins the top layer and then you waste product taking that layer of to get to the next layer. 
With that in mind the odd few that I found slightly less pigmented, have got more pigmented as I have used more shadow, this is often the case with shadows it seems to be like a protective layer on top which once removed.

Here’s some swatches the first two rows are eft Third & Fourth are right:
1)Looking Glass, Hatter, Lily, Heads will Roll, Time.
2) Reflection, Gone Mad, Duchess, Bandersnatch, Dream on.
3) Dormouse, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere.
4) Metamorphosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal Flush, Mirror

I adore Lily, Salazen Gum and Paradox;
Lily it is a beautiful pink but shimmers almost holographic with purples and blues it’s such a stunning colour one of my all-time favourites.
Salazen Grum is also such a beautiful colour its super pigmented and is a blend of red and copper tones.
Paradox is a lush shade of burning orange, super pigmented and reminds me of hot flames.
I must admit I love all the shades, the only one that I feel isn’t as pigmented it Metamorphosis, however I am yet to try this wet and I have barely used it so I haven’t got through the top layer yet, so for me there is still hope for this shadow.

Overall I love this palette the whole packaging is so beautiful to look at and the shadows are just as lush, I think for the £43 it was a brilliant Limited Edition palette however I don’t think I’d pay over the odds for one. This palette is versatile and stands out. I think the Hype was definitely called for and the need for this palette may only be felt by true beauty collectors and hoarders!

Do you own this palette? Even if you don't let me know what you think.
Much Love 


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  1. With the use of glass pelette it looks amaizing .these twenty unique shades are mesmerizing..it would be more good with the lipstick box attached with this alice in wonderland, however Thankyou Urban Decay

    1. It's a beautiful palette! And the lipsticks was avaliable just individually :)


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