Battle of the Brows; Dipbrow Pomade; The game changer?

Dipbrow Pomade the battle of the brows:

Today's post is the Battle of the brows, Pomade Vs. Pomade. For a long while the beauty world has gone on about the Anastasia Beverly hills pomade which ultimately stood on top but since the beauty world has expanded and the ever growing community brings out dupes and copy cats for cheaper products. So today I bring to you; Makeup up Revolutions Dipbrow Pomade, Freedom Dipbrow Pomade and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.

Makeup Revolution Dipbrow Pomade:

This Brow Pomade is only £6 found on Superdrug and Im unsure how many shades there are exactly but from what I can see there are 8 this is a recent addition to the Makeup Revolutions line, I personally find this pomade just as good as the below and in a sense think you may as well buy the Freedom Pomade and save yourself the £1 as they are both owned by TamBeauty, therefor your paying £1 extra for a little brush and a little bigger box. The pomade has a glass bottom, black lid and gold lettering on the lid. You get 2.5g of product which isn't bad as you don't need a lot as it goes a long way. I haven't had this pomade long but so far the gold lettering on the lid has yet to fade, which I believe will happen over time. 

Freedom Dipbrow Pomade:

This Brow Pomade is only £5 found on and Superdrug This product comes in 11 shades and I would say is an easier product to use than a pencil or powder, I feel it gives you a better shape and is a product which is easier to learn and adapt to. 
I have followed the brand  Freedom for a while, as I followed Adam Minto on Instagram and watch his development as  the Owner of TamBeauty. They are the sister brand of 'Makeup Revolution'.  

The appearance of the  Brow Pomade is extremely similar to the Makeup Revolution and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomades. They all have the glass bottom, black screw on tops with the branding on the top. Again the same as the Makeup Revolution you get 2.5g, the lettering on the packaging is already worn of I have had it a few months, but the lettering didn't last long, however the bottom label is still going strong.
The texture of the  Pomade is in my mind a complete copy of the Makeup Revolution which is why I say I'd buy this pomade and save yourself the £1 on the brush from the above. Both the Freedom and Makeup Revolution are very similar to the ABH Dipbrow Pomade with the  same consistency of the gel formula, I would say these are more wet products and don't dry as such when on but also don't dry as quickly as the ABH did. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade:

This has to be one of the most raved about Pomades of its time, being one of the first to strut its stuff on vlogs and blogs all over,  but since then the game has changed; Anastasia Beverly hills pomade retails at: £15 on Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and for some reason for £18 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills UK Website. 

This pomade is lush and was the first which I purchased and I loved it, however after purchasing the above two products for a fraction of the price I don't think I would go out my way to pay for the Anastasia Pomade. This pomade is pigmented is versatile in blending, with a little going a long way. I love the elegance and simplicity of the packaging however with these similar 'Copys/Dupes' arising I can no longer say this would persuade me to buy it. Like all pomades these over time can dry out and if you don't keep the lid tight this can happen faster than normal. 

This product again comes in 11 shades and again I would say is an easier product to use than a pencil or powder, I feel it gives you a better shape and is a product which is easier to learn and adapt to. 

In comparison side by side all the pomades are seen to right;
Makeup Revolution and Freedom look pretty identical where as the Anastasia Beverly Hills is more chocolatey; This will be because I have purchased Dark Brown in both the Makeup Revolution and Freedom and I purchased the Anastasia Pomade in the Chocolate. The ABH seems to be a nicer shade but they all do the same job and blend similarly and layer pretty similar. 

Overall I would say that the ABH is nice to have and has a lovely formula, but for the price I would say that the Freedom pomade is the perfect dupe and is worth the money. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post, Do you own any of these? or are you going to buy any of them now? Let me know what you think,

Much love,



  1. Well nice post and brief comparison between the two and it will be very helpful to the readers in choosing the best one. I think that the comparison you have done is the best for these options.

    1. Thank You,
      I love both but I'm always down for a good bargain so this is amazing for the fraction of the cost!:)


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