I GOT THEM!!! Makeup Revolutions Collab with @SophDoesNails!!!!

Hey Daintys,

Yes. As you can probably tell by the title I got my hands on the @SophDoesNails Collab with Makeup Revolution!!!!

I adore Soph and have been watching her channel for as long as I can remember, despite never meeting her and not actually knowing her I am so so Happy and proud of her! This Collab can only be seen as an achievement an inspiration to all Bloggers and Youtubers!

Despite my love for Soph, I think if these palettes hit the shelves without her branding and Name on it I would still be utterly in love with it!!

If you have seen her Youtube videos; The Announcement and the look she created you'll see how brutally honest she is, she admits there is some fall out and admits that some shades need a double layer/ a bit of building. Which is why I wish to mention that I love her honesty which meant when the palette did have the little bit of fall out, I wasn't upset or fazed because she hadn't masked the reality.
SophX Eyeshadow Palette:
The palette comes in super cute packaging and is actually one of my favourites that I have seen from a drugstore brand; its classy like 'The British Beauty Bloggers; Fortune Favours the Brave was' however I feel this has more character and is more fun.
The packaging is matte as is the outer casing of the palette with rose gold/coppery accents for the lettering and detailing.
When you open the palette up you can see the huge mirror;
Soph's palette however differs from that of a normal Makeup Revolution palette 1. Due to packaging and 2. due to the fact her palette consists of 24 shades rather than the staple 32; however despite the drop in number of shades the actual shadows have bigger pans.
The shades within this palette are beautiful! With an array of neutral to warm tones compliment with the pop of colour, I cant help but say Soph has done an amazing job creating such a versatile palette.
one of the wonderful staple pieces to the Makeup Revolution line.

As you can see there is a range of matte and shimmer shadows which is a nice mix; each shade has a unique name chosen by Soph herself. I love the shade names, I feel that its a much more personalised palette and really represents her.

Some of my favourite shades from the palette are: 'Cuppa Tea' <---- This is so very British!!! Mixed Berries, Strawberry sweets, Festive Flame and I ADORE 'PETROL'.

 I will say the matte shadows sometimes need a double layer but they are buildable and I didn't really have any fallout; the only issue I came across was when swatching Pink Champagne it crumbled a bit but it literally was super easy to blend out.

Ihave yet to create an eye look with this palette as it literally arrived at my door this morning! Just as I was ready for work :( so I think I shall do a separate post with a few looks created with the palette.

SophX Highlighter Palette:

If  you know me, you know that I live for highlighter! I adore the glow! So when I saw that not only was she bringing out an Eyeshadow palette but also a highlighter palette my heart melted.
This palette is stunning; it consists of eight highlighters unnamed unfortunately but all the same they are gorgeous.

There are 4 baked highlighters and 4 'creamy highlighters' they aren't cream and are powder the consistency is soft and cream like.
The shades consist of 4 better suited to light-medium skin and 4 for medium-dark skin. The First two on the top row and the first two on the second row are lighter shades and I would say are better suited to Light-Medium Skin where as the third and fourth on the first row and third and fourth on the second row I would say are better suited to medium-dark skin.
However I would definitely say if you're like me any of the shades will go on your skin, I don't think they're made set for certain skin tones more a range of tones to mix and use.

Unfortunately the image to the left does not do the highlighters justice! I therefore am going to try to insert a video clip onto this post, YouTube or Facebook an link it here, as I honestly can not justify how unflattering that image is for the highlighters.
From right to left the swatches are the top row starting from the first shade (the white shade being the furthest swatch away) onto the second row starting with the pink shade.
The baked highlighters have some beautiful shimmer in them and are nothing less than what I expected. I have used the white highlighter today and by gosh does it glow!

Overall I can't help but be delighted with this palette and I would definitely recommend, as a girl who loves drugstore just as much as high-end I would say to any drugstore lover these are for you! Those who like the high-end products I will say you shouldn't let yourself miss out on this however please not this is drugstore and doesn't come with a hefty tag and therefor in comparison to urban decay etc.
These palettes are currently available on TAM Beauty and will be in stores I believe in Superdrug on the 20th September! So If you can get your hands on these I wouldn't stop you ;) !  

Hope you have enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think. Have you got your hands on these?
Much Love,



  1. Love the shades they look amazingg! Thanks for the review now i really want to get these so i can try all of them.The shimmery shades are wonderfull and yes plz upload a video soon!

    1. They're lovely, I am glad you liked the post :) x


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