My Colourpop Collection!!! (SSS) SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS! #MakeupAddict!

Hey Daintys,

I thought I'd do a post today about my Colourpop collection! As most of my UK viewers will know we can't purchase Colourpop direct in the UK but can ship it from USA! However it can be at a hefty cost in customs!

A few months ago I didn't own a single shadow! I now own 50+!! Some have been bought via the USA when they had free international shipping, others I have bought from friends who have been decluttering their collections and most have been New or swatched!!! (DISCLAIMER: please ensure when purchasing from others they have the proof of purchase; along with make payments via Paypal Goods & Services to protect yourself)

I have an array of shades from nudes to pinks to blues and even green! These shadows are beautiful, they are super creamy and have amazing pigmentation. They work much better with your finger than they do with a brush, they are buildable and blendable (however need a little more work than some shadows).

The shadows range in colours, with some being limited editon/ ones from previous collections. Below is the whole list of my Super Shock Shadows Collection; along with swatches!

The ones I own from Collections/ Limited Edition are:
*Desert, PeekaBoo, Thirsty Girl,Babykins,  Fairfax & Patchwork; from the 'Never Not Chilling Collection' (2016)

*I then have Birthday Boy (2017) & Birthday Cake (2017); released for colour pops birthdays!

*Ignition, Steele, Hydroplane; Part of the Amanda Steele collection (2017)

* Puppy Love & CatNap; Limited Edition releases for the Charity "Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA effort to Save Them All."
*Rainbow and Cricket from the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Collection!
* Pop Rocks; Limited Editon from their Tie-Dye collection
* Moonshine: I believe this is from the Boogie Nights collection.

Moving on to my Purples/Pinks; I don't have many of these but these four are gorgeous:

- Dare
-Dance Party

Next on to Silvers and Whites:
-Valley Girl-Tassel

Then onto Nudes/Beiges into Brown:
-Cop A Feel
-Going Rouge
-Super Hard Core
-La La
-8 Track

Next onto Oranges, Peaches and Gold:
-One by One

Next onto Red, Burgundys and warm brown/reds:
-Hot Totty
-Hot Tamale
-Kaepop Beverly

Then Finally onto Blues & Greens:
-Too Shy
-School Bus

Thats All the shades in my current collection.... I can't say there won't be new additions soon as we all know what I'm like.

Some of the above may also be from collections or may also be limited edition I am not 100% sure if they are or not so only listed those I knew were.
Whats your favourite shade from the aboves? or which is you favorite that I don't own?

                                                                                                      Much Love,




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