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Hey Daintys,

This post is a pretty obvious post, however as you may know I am Youtube obsessed and therefore I watch hours and hours or videos by various different Youtubers, so I decided not only am I Going to try and start Youtube; I thought I'd state which Youtubers I am currently these are the ones I am Loving!
Not only have I done a video.... a very basic one... but I have also decided to write this as a lovely blog post for those of my dedicated readers who just aren't that into Youtube.

Image result for grav3yardgirlGrav3yardgirl:
Image result for velvetgh0stI have been watching Grav3yardgirl aka Bunny for the longest time its unreal; I have been with my partner nearly 4 years and I have been watching bunny for at least the whole time if not longer! I have given a gator its wings and I am part of the Swamp family. Bunny has been one of my favourite Youtubers for a long time and its been known some don't enjoy watching her but I do. I love that she has a variation of videos and I am LOVING her Vlogoween series this year. She never fails to impress.
Velvetgh0st/ Gabriella:I have been watching gabby for so long now its hard to remember a time I wasn't watching her; I love how down to earth Gabby is and how all her videos are realistic. Gabby is very raw and real which is something some Youtubers are now lacking, I also adore Nelly and the latest edition Jeremy.
Image result for sophdoesnailsSophdoesnails:I Love Soph! and I am beyond happy that she has brought out her collaboration with Makeup Revolution! (* See Here for my review) - I love how Sophie still sticks to her original ways and keeps most of her channel budget friendly; She has such a positive personality which shines through on her channel, its hard not to love her channel!
Lauren Rose:Lauren is someone some of you might now of heard of as she is actually a friend of mine. I met Lauren while at a Justin Bieber concert and found that we were in mutual Facebook groups and from there we became internet friends. Lauren has a Youtube channel that I have been watching for a little while, she covers a variation of videos including one of the biggest Kylie Jenner Collections going. Lauren is super down to earth and her kindness is always present!

Image result for cloe breenaMr Kate:Mr Kate is a slightly different Youtuber than those above as she specialises in more Home Décor and Interior Design, I remember watching Kate before she became a thing with Joey (Two Rolls). I adore her vibes and the "We're coming over series." I love how they do a budget friendly side as well. Only thing I don't like is its $ as I'm from the UK most of the items and pricing etc is not applicable or not source able here without a hefty price tag. However I love her work and channel all the same.
Cloe breena /Cloe Couture:Cloe has gone all out this month with Halloween and I am loving it! Her energy is above and beyond and she has a killer personality. I love watching her she actually had a Collab with Mr Kate on her apartment! She never fails to give of good vibes and that leads me onto the next Youtuber!
Image result for adelaine morinAdelaine Morin:Adelaine is actually Cloe room mate; they have a wonderful apartment together and she has the cutest dog ever! Blue! Adelaine has also had a Collab with Mr Kate which was done pretty recently actually and her room now looks AMAZING! Adelaine is so like me and I love her ability to not care what people think + she's short like me!
She's bouncy and bubbly and gives happy positive energy.
Image result for demi donnelly youtube
Demi Donnelly:Next  up is another friend of mine, who is actually killing Youtube right now! Demi has literally gone up to 25k subscribers in a matter of months. I have never met Demi in person unfortunately but we are internet friends and myself, Demi and Lauren Rose all are in the same groups. Demi has a variation of videos some of her most popular ones are her 5 Secrets of working at *****. Demi & Lauren are one of the key reasons I have started Youtube and I want to Thank them for that!
Image result for sarah belle
Sarah Belle:Sarah is one of the Youtubers that I have more recently started watching, this was mainly for her haul videos but also she started to do moving vlogs which made me watch her more; she has a sweet personality and I enjoy her more laid back feel to some of her vlogs. I love her realness and her home decor.
Image result for sophie louise
Sophie Louise:Next up is Sophie Louise; I only recently started watching Sophie and that was due to her moving vlogs.
Sophie has a variation of videos on her channel but the ones I have been currently loving are the home hauls and moving vlogs; simply because they're so relatable and laid back.
Image result for qckndI have found that her channel is not as unrealistic as some others that I have watched.
I love her office and home layout, she's very laid back and shows a more realistic side to life, rather than a filtered life.
Qcknd:Similarly to Sophie I began watching Qcknd recently and that was again mainly due to her moving vlogs; That and the fact that she has a cat.
I think she has a rather different channel to most of the Youtubers I watch and I find her unique and quirky.
I think just recently her channel had expanded and grown a lot more than from when I initially began watching her and I think that has a lot to do with the live streams she does.
Image result for shaaanxoShaaanxo:I have watched Shannon for years, I was watching her way back in 2011 when I was living in Australia and since then her channel has exploded into a world PR packages and events.
I haven't watched her as much recently due to the simple fact I have found that most of her channel is now PR based and less like it was when I originally started watching her.
Image result for laurdiy youtubeShannon lives in New Zeland which means some things we can not get her in the UK and others we can but with a hefty price tag; however since companies now send her PR she often now has the items we have here in the UK.
Image result for themaddiebruceLaurDIY:I have watched Laura for a while now but less often recently; It was only the other day I saw one of her more recent videos and decided to have a gander at her channel; I find that due to the fact that I am moving I am currently a lot more into home décor, moving vlogs and Home Hauls. Which is not something Laura has on her channel currently however she does have DIYs which is something I think when I have moved house I'll probably watch again more.
Image result for alisha marieTheMaddieBruce:Maddie is another recent addition to my Youtube list; again because of her moving vlogs; I am currently loving all of her home hauls; she has been recently uploading a tonne of them and since she is has a few moving vlogs I've been a diehard watcher. I am loving her décor and set up of her apartment is super chic and classy; if you love rose gold/copper check out her hauls as you might find yourself some beautiful décor!
Alisha Marie:Alisha is another that I have been watching for a while but again less often than I used to, I feel that despite how much I love her channel its a lot more PR and less about what it used to be. Alisha is fun and bubbly and super girly.Her channel is bright and colourful and everything most girls love!
Image result for dani mansuttiFinally and last but not least is one of my favourites who I have been watching for a long while.
Dani Mansutti:I have been watching Dani for years and after being a UK to Australia and back again gal, I find Dani super relatable. I was super excited when I saw she was moving back to the UK as hopefully that means she will do a meet up! I love all her beauty videos and think she is super pretty! she creates some killer makeup looks!

So that's all of my current favourite Youtubers! I hope I've given you an insight into who I watch and hopefully I've given you at least one new person to watch!; If you are going to watch any of the ladies from my list please check out Lauren Rose & Demi Donnelly; Its a thanks to them for influencing me to start up Youtube'.

Much Love


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