2018; Goals, Targets and Aspirations:

Hey Daintys,

So as you may have seen from my previous post I did a reflection on 2017 and the targets that I had set at the beginning of the year. So to follow suit I am going to list my Goals and Aspirations for 2018.
This year has been a year of ideas, development, and preparation, I am ready to take 2018 on as best as I possibly can do.
As I said in my previous post this year I have followed in my footsteps from last year… Well sort of; Last Year my Diary was “My weapon of mass destruction.” Despite me not using it to its full advantage. This year I have selected a Planner; this is similar to a diary but slightly more structured with additional pages. The planner I have bought is from www.Foxmoon.co.uk; I Picked up their 2018 Diary for £4.50! Reduced from £12.95; I am currently waiting for it to arrive as it has been shipped. I also had to be slight bit 'Extra' and order their 'Girl Boss' pen because who doesn't need a cute pen with a diamond on it...
This year I aim to follow suit from 2017 as I set some pretty big targets and achieved nearly all of them, obviously Move out won't be on this years list but I'm hoping to redecorate my beauty room/ office.

 2018 Goals; 

-Begin to Redecorate my Beauty Room/Office: 
 -Blog Regularly or at least double the post amount from 2017 : 
 -Keep up Youtube; Gain 300 Subscribers:
 - Reach 50k+ on my blog: 
- Cut Down on Fatty Foods (I WILL PUSH FOR THIS) since I failed miserably in 2017: - Expand my General Knowledge (Keep this up and build new skills):
- Meet up with Internet Friends I have made & Make New Friends:
- Build on Self/Personal Development:

This year I have set a few extra goals simply because a few of my goals are to keep up my 2017 goals and to expand on them.

"Begin to Redecorate my Beauty Room/Office:" When we bought our House we knew that the 'spare room' would be my Beauty Room/Office, however, the colour scheme was not what I wanted and its currently still the same. I am hoping to change all the walls white except one and wallpaper the other wall; I am thinking of doing a full post on this renovation/project including the little mood boards I have in mind! Let me know what you guys think? I am hoping to do this gradually as the cost to redecorate isn't cheap and I aim to buy a large rug for 2018 and hopefully save to replace the carpet in 2019.

" Blog Regularly or at least double the post amount from 2017:" In 2017 I blogged mere 10+ times. A rather pathetic attempt at Blogging more Regularly. However with the stress of moving, mortgages, work etc I think that if I'd have done more amongst everything else I might have exploded. So now we have moved in and we are gradually adapting things to how we like it I believe that this is a realistic, achievable goal for 2018."Keep up Youtube; Gain 300 Subscribers:" This might seem simple to some but for myself its a goal I think I may struggle with. I have always wanted to dive into the Youtube world but never had the courage to 'Just do it.' I often worry about what other people think which acts as a massive barrier to me. However, during 2017 I have met some amazing people and they have encouraged me to push myself to do what I want to do. I currently stand at 145 Subscribers which is already a massive amount and a huge shock to me but I think that in 1 year I can hopefully gain 155 new subscribers, as long as I stay determined to keep Youtube up.

"Reach 50k+ on my blog:" After smashing my goal for 2017 and surpassing my target by 11k I thought it would only be fitting to aim high. I hope to reach 50k by the end of 2018 which means I need to gain another 14k! As long as I stick to Blogging regularly and Youtube, I feel I could really push myself to get this!

"Cut Down on Fatty Foods (I WILL PUSH FOR THIS) since I failed miserably in 2017:" My Huge failure at this goal in 2017 has meant that I have popped it back on my list for 2018. I think this one is going to be another struggle but since I started swimming and hope to exercise more. I want to try to create a happy medium.

 "Expand my General Knowledge (Keep this up and build new skills):" This is another goal from last year, I did pursue this but feel that this can be an ongoing goal which I can push to develop myself.

"Meet up with Internet Friends I have made & Make New Friends:" This is something I am hoping to do throughout 2018. I have made some incredible friends online that I hope to meet up with and I have been in talks with a few of them about this so hopefully, this happens!

"Build on Self/Personal Development:" This is something I think I'm going to struggle with but I am determined to build on myself and bring myself back to a more open person and allow myself to grow and build on my positivity and self-motivation. I have a fair amount of books on personal development so I think I am going to dive into. I have a few on my list to order such as "The Secret".

So that's my goals for 2018, I hope you have all had a wonderful year and I wish you all the love and happiness for 2018!

Much Love,

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