A Reflection of 2017:

Happy New Year! #Reflection
Hey Daintys,
So it’s that time again! The start of the New Year! 2017 has been one heck of a year with all sorts of crazy events, meetings, jobs and other big plans, a year to remember but I can’t help but think it’s all a bit of a blur that has flown by without stopping for a cup of tea.
This year has been a year of ideas, development and preparation,  I am ready to take 2018 on as best as I possibly can do.
So as always on New Year todays post is about the future, a less structured post; with more of a personal reflection rather than anything else; the following post will be my Goals, Targets and Aspirations for 2018.

This year I have followed in my footsteps from last year… Well sort of; Last Year my Diary was “My weapon of mass destruction.” Despite me not using it to its full advantage. This year I have selected a Planner; this is similar to a diary but slightly more structured with additional pages.

Last Year 2017- I set the following Goals; 

-Move House: 
Blog Regularly : 
 -Vlog/ Video
 Reach 25k+ on my blog: 
- Cut Down on Fatty Foods:
 - Expand my General Knowledge:
The goals I set last year seemed unobtainable but I managed to achieve all of them bar 2 however the two I didn’t achieve I was nearing.

-On January 1st I wrote:
“- Move House: 
I never thought I’d reach a place where moving out and Living in my own place was achievable but I am and I will. I am ready to push myself to the limits… Save my arse off. This might mean makeup doesn’t get to just jump into my basket 
And as you all might have seen by my moving posts I managed to achieve this! Not only have I moved out but myself and my partner have Bought our first house! This was a huge target to set at the beginning of the year and it was the biggest target I set, I didn’t think it would be achievable and the part of me that believed it was, was aiming to move and potentially rent… However after a lot of deliberating I had my heart set on not renting as I believe it is dead money that I would never see or get back. I won’t go into detail as I have a Video coming on my channel: “Q&A Buying a house at 20!” So stay tuned for that if you are interested. Also if you have any questions please feel free to comment them down below and I will try and answer them in the video.

Blog Regularly : I hope to blog more than I did in 2016 which I believe I blogged a mere 50+ times which is pretty poor. I aim to blog more than last year and successfully expand and develop Miss Dainty K.”
                This was one goal which fell a little flat and in all honesty that is because of my above goal. I learnt to prioritise, which meant that working extra hours gained money to reach one of my biggest targets and I am glad I did it, despite not pulling through on this so much. However despite this goal falling a little flat, I managed to start my below goal, which I suppose helps and sort of balances it out.  I also think that my content was better it was more about quality over quantity this year.
“-Vlog/ VideoI aim to start up my YouTube, which is something I have only just bucked up the courage to begin. With Two videos posted Dec 2016 just to kick start. I Think it’s time I stop caring about what other think or might say and focus on what I want to do.”
                I let this goal slip at the beginning of 2017 simply because I was far to busy and I felt that I didn’t have the time or energy to produce anything of any worth. However in this last 2 months I have managed to produce 9 videos and gain 145 subscribers which for me is huge and I am forever grateful, and I hope to push this throughout 2018.
“- Reach 25k+ on my blog: I am currently on 17.5k on my blog and I hope to push this further and reach 25k+ in 2017. I Believe I can do it and I know that as long as I keep going I will do it.”
                 I don’t wish to toot my own horn but I kind of smashed my target; As you can see I was on 17.5k at the beginning of the year and set myself the goal of reaching 25k+ this was another 7.5k which at the time seemed crazy, but what is crazier is I have reached 36k! This is 18.5k more; over doubling my count and 11k over my target!
“- Cut Down on Fatty Foods: Oh yes. I said it. I’m aiming for that stereotypical goal, this is something I’ve been trying to push for a little while but not quiet been able to achieve, but now I’ve slowly been changing my mind set and personally developing which I believe will help me achieve this goal.”
                 I failed this target… as I often do and I don’t wish to make excuses, life got in the way I was working and too lazy to pre-prepare food. I have gained weight this year which I am unhappy about which is why I have started swimming with my partner and aim to continue this throughout 2018.
“- Expand my General Knowledge: I aim to learn something new each week; I hope to expand my knowledge and develop my skills in retaining information and learning new things about the world. #newpostideas?”
                                This is something I aim to continue and I feel I have picked up new things throughout 2017 some things are only basic others more complex but I feel this will be an on going target.

 I know that it is common to create goals, some which are achievable others which are not as easy to reach. These goals we aspire to do but often lose faith, direction and/or belief. Many goals are achievable but people feel it’s too easy there is no need to pursue it, this is wrong. All goals big or small are worth pursuing as you can see by my goals this year! I will continue to grow and 2018 is another year on my hit list to smash!!!

Much Love 

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