Trying Something New;

Hey Daintys,

So todays post is a little different from normal, I wanted to show you one of the new hobbies I have taken up.
Its not so much a hobbie I suppose but more so learning a new skill.
I recently have recently began learning how to turn images into cartoon sketches!
These are just the few I have done so far;
This was my first attempt, I was scrolling through instagram and facebook and saw numerous cartoon images and decided to give it a go, its quiet time consuming but the finished result always is a nice thing to see a result. In order to create these
images I used Picart and Photoshop, you have to work in layers and build upon them in different sections.
I Haven't done any since before Christmas but I hope to try a fair few more in the new year. I have been thinking about my goals and targets for 2018 and I have decided that I wish to learn new skills and techniques; I have began a list of skills to learn and hope to post a post up for the new year with all my goals for the year.
These sketches are on of my first techniques to build upon, I hope to gain the skills to make them neater, more realistic and as accurate as I can.
So far I have only tried images of myself but hope to attempt a few of other people and maybe by the end of the year I will be able to try and do images with more than one person/ groups of people or couples.
So far the most difficult part of these images has been keeping a steady hand and creating the shadows without them looking just like solid lines.
I have seen people attempt animals but I don't think I am ready to jump on that ship just yet maybe we can get there by 2019?

Let me know what you all thing of these images, do any of you guy do cartoon sketches? Or do you have any other skills that you want build or develop in 2018? Or even any goals and aspirations for 2018?
Let me Know in the comments.
Much Love,

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