A Whole New Experience.

Hey Dainty's,

Today's post is something some might have expected, others not so much. I have kept quiet about any of my up and coming events, simply because of a few eagle eyes who have been trying swoop in on my contacts and deals as soon as they have found out what I have in the works. I have therefore now unfortunately had to keep all my up and coming plans pretty quiet and under wraps.

But today I am revealing to you something that is completely different a whole new experience unlike anything I have ever personally done myself.

Last year (2017) I was contacted by a salon in regards to doing a photoshoot, as you all know I am very particular about my hair and don't like hairdressers so my initial reaction was to say no. However after speaking to the stylist and discussing the fact that I didn't like my hair short and wished to keep it long, they expressed that this was completely fine and that it was more a colour and style if anything.
It doesn't stop there though! There is a photoshoot and a catwalk! I should state that its a up and down catwalk, nothing to fancy. Along with the images going into a magazine! I don't know how to feel about it all but I decided to not let myself miss opportunities just because I feel overwhelmed.

The Photo shoot is in February and the show is in March, I am rather nervous about the whole ordeal but I am going to give it ago, I mean I never know I might like it.
I hope to post the images once we have access to them as I am aware they go to a magazine exclusively first.

Also in other means I have had 3 new companies contact me about work and collaborations which is exciting. I am currently in the process of reviewing and writing up agreements before I agree to any of them. So keep an eye out for some collaborations with new companies and people.

I might pop the images onto this post when I have them or I will create another post about the whole event and experience.

I know this post is a little random but I wanted to try keep you all in the loop as best as I can without be trumped by others.
I hope you all had a wonderful new year, since we are now nearly 2 weeks into 2018!
Much Love


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