I Bought a House at 20! Q&A;

Hey Daintys,

So today's post is one that has been Long and awaited! I put a few posts out a while back about buying a house and asked what things you would like to know in regards to that.
I have filmed so much footage its been near impossible to try and edit it down to a watchable video.  I have therefore cut it into 4 videos however, I think I may have to do a storytime video to go along with these videos as I feel like there is so much that I still haven't included or said yet!!

The Q&A videos were filmed with the intention of putting it as one whole video but I feel that this wouldn't be possible as it is just far too long. So I have split the video in the best way possible since I had filmed it all together as a whole video.

Please feel free to still forward me questions as I am happy to do additional videos or blog posts in regards to buying a house.

The videos are in 4 parts (Top to bottom.)
I must state that what I am speaking from my personal experience and the knowledge that I have gained via research and experience.
Also, I have only answered what was asked so there may be other things that people want to know or ask. I am happy as I say to answer further questions.

If there is anything you don't understand again I am happy to help and answer questions.

Questions I have already been asked:

Q: How old are you?
    A: I am now 21

Q: Do you live alone?
     A: No, I live with my partner.

Q: Is it hard to live in your own house?
      A: It is in some ways, but its better in other. I much prefer having my own home. Its more relaxed and offers the ability to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

Q: Was it hard to get a mortgage?
    A: Personally I didn't find it hard but as I said in the videos it will vary person to person.

Q: Why did you move?
    A: for several reasons, more personal, but also for my own happiness.

Q: Would you recommend it?
    A: yes, if you are ready. I wouldn't recommend it if you are not emotionally, mentally or financially ready for it yourself.

I hope this helps some people and gives you an insight into what the process can be like or what you may expect.

Much Love,


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