Palette of the Month! #January Kat Von D- Saint or Sinner Palette.

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So something I have decided to do for 2018 is a new piece each month on a palette that I am loving for that month. Some will be new out and others maybe oldies dug up from the makeup trunk.
This Month being the first edit, I bring to you the Kat Von D- Saint or Sinner palette. This is a palette which released in 2017- To be precise 19th September. This was a hugely awaited palette which had been hinted about for nearly a year by Kat and the makeup world watched in anticipation.

The palette is unfortunately limited edition and no longer available unless you can hunt down one being sold online.... however, these come at a hefty price tag ranging from £50-£150 (These are what I have seen them being sold at in the last month.)
This palette was £52 which is about £2.17 per shadow which is an average for a higher end palette.
      The palette has such beautiful packaging as Kat had explained the packaging was inspired by a stain glass window that she saw at a cathedral, and honestly, you can see the beauty in this palette.
The black palette is embellished with golden filigree embossed onto the front, this coheres all too well with Kat Von D's signature gothic style blended with medieval architecture.
The palette is split down the middle, which opens up like cathedral doors to unveil the 24 Shadows.
On the left side, the palette is filled with lighter tones to represent the 'saint' while the right side is filled with an array of pigment packed shades some on the darker side, to represent the 'sinner'.
Not only is the size of the palette on the larger side in the palette world it comes with two mirrors one on inside of each of the doors. 
This palette has an array of finishes; Matte, Metallic, Shimmer + 2 Exclusive Special effect glimmer shades. These are the two placed at the peak of the palette. 'Absolution and Rapture.' These transformative shade create beautiful toppers for any eye look, they are prismatic shadows packed with micro pearls which cause beautiful reflective hues when captured in the light.
So the image to the left contains swatches from the saint side of the palette.
Worship- A Pearlescent egg plant.
Sacred Heart- A Pearlescent coral
Rosary-  A Metallic garnet.
Cathedral- A Gunmetal with silvery blue glitter shift.
Baptism- A Matte pale pink.
Immaculate- A Pearlescent olive.
Absolution - This is one of the special effects glimmers which is ivory with a gold super glimmer.
The second image to the left contains swatches from the sinner side of the palette.o
Devil- A matte pumpkin orange.
Vestment- A Shimmery maroon with a dark blue-green shift.
Exorcism- A deep matte purple.
Ministry-  A metallic cobalt blue.
Relic- A Metallic fool's gold.
Stigmata- A Metallic scarlet.
Exodus- A neon green with gold glitter.
Rapture- This is the other special effect glimmer which is a rosy pink super glimmer.
This palette is beautiful the pigmentation is unreal! I would say the matte shades need to be built up a little as they're slightly less pigmented which you can see on the swatch of baptism.
However, this palette is packed with some killer shades and ranges from neutrals to color, its one of the best palettes to play with in terms of creation and bold looks. 
I have had so much fun using it and the shades are super blendable which is great to work with!

If you want me to do an eye look on this palette let me know! I can always post it on Youtube or pop it onto my facebook page:

Unfortunately as stated this palette is no longer available and therefore the only places I have seen it, are online for at least 2x the original price, I would say this palette is worth the money and that's the reason its this months favourite, but since this months palette is a limited edition I am going to bring you a palette which is still available next month!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I look forward to seeing you in next months edit!
Much Love,

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